B.A.P "Where are you? What are you doing? 어디니? 뭐하니" [Subbed/DL/Watch]

B.A.P for Where are you? What are you doing? 어디니? 뭐하니

Hello! I'm back again, after months! For my comeback post, here is B.A.P's 어디니? 뭐하니? with subs!

B.A.P released a two tracks single on June 2014. This single is named "어디니? 뭐하니?" or "Where Are You? What Are You Doing?" in English. The boys of B.A.P sure gave their caring side by asking "Where are you?" and "What are you doing?" to their love ones (maybe their fans)! B.A.P is known for doing hip-hop concept, but they can also show this kind of concept to us and to their fans of course.

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This song has a music video but I made a lyric video instead! Check it out below:


INFORMATION: format: mp4 , size: 8.06 mb , 720p hd



- bestabsoluteperfect.tumblr.com for B.A.P's image.

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