Tritops - 내가 미쳤지 I Was Crazy (Golden Cross OST) [Subbed\DL\Watch]

Tritops 내가 미쳤지

Tritops sings a ballad song for the drama 'Golden Cross'. It's named as 'I Was Crazy' 내가 미쳤지 (naega michyeotji). In the song, a man thinks he is crazy because he wants to be with his girlfriend even though they have already parted. He also talks about some habits of people which is nonsense for him. Like for example, people still hold on for things that won't work.

Download "내가 미쳤지 (I was crazy)" by Tritops


format: FLV
size: 21.6 MB
duration: 3:21

download link:


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