GOT7 - A MV [English Subs + Hangul + Romanization] [Free Download + Watch]

Rising idol GOT7 released their second mini album last year 2014 with the lead single "A" which was written and composed by Park Jin-young (more popularly known as JYP) and arranged by Noday. GOT7's "A" is a song about a boy knowing that the girl "likes" him and telling her to stop "fronting" as said in the lyrics of the song. Going back to their album which is titled "GOT♡", it was released on June 23, 2014. This mini album of the group features eight tracks including "A", four new songs, and three remixes of "A".

In order to promote "A" and the album, GOT7 released a music video for "A" on June 22,2015 at Youtube.


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