Sun Woo - If It's Alright/Okay (괜찮다면) [English Subs Hangul Romanized Lyrics] [Free Download + Watch]

Sun Woo "If It's Alright/Okay" from Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit OST Part.3

Sun Woo released a song called "If It's Alright (Okay)" which is the third soundtrack of Korean Drama Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit (꽃할배수사대). "괜찮다면 (If It's Alright/Okay)" is composed and written by 김종천 (Kim Jung Hoon). 지훈 (Ji Hoon) also helped in writing the lyrics for the song :)


Song: If It's Alright/Okay [괜찮다면]
Artist: Sun Woo [선우]
Album: Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit OST Part.3 [꽃할배수사대 OST Part.3]


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