Prin.Jerry feat. Mir (MBLAQ) - 너 이리와 (Hey! Come On) [ENGSUB/HAN/ROM] [Download + Watch]

Prin.Jerry released a single on July 18, 2014. Her single is called "Hey! Come On" featuring MBLAQ's Mir. What's amazing is that Prin.Jerry and Mir were the ones who wrote the lyrics of "Hey! Come On" and then composed by 김동영 (Kim Dong Young). The song has two versions: Original and Acoustic. Both is written by Prin.Jerry and composed by 김동영 (Kim Dong Young).


Song: 너 이리와 (Hey! Come On)
Artist: Prin.Jerry feat. Mir of MBLAQ (프린제리, 미르 (MBLAQ))
Album: 너 이리와 (Hey! Come On)

Video: 720p/11 MB


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