Shin Young Jae (4MEN) and Lee Haeri (Davichi) - I Feel So Empty Without You [ENG/HAN/ROM] [WATCH | DOWNLOAD]

Shin Yong Jae (4MEN) and Lee Haeri (DAVICHI) collaborated for the song titled "I Feel So Empty Without You" from the single called "Acoustic Project #1. Cloud" which was released on June 18, 2014. It's a ballad song about a girl (portrayed by Haeri) and a boy (portrayed by Yong Jae) who misses their former lover, and somehow regretting that they let them go. The song is written, composed, and produced by  최규성 (Choi Gyu Sung). 


Song: I Feel So Empty Without You (니가 빈 자리)
Artist: Shin Yong Jae (4MEN), Lee Haeri (Davichi) [신용재 (포멘), 이해리 (다비치)]
Album: Acoustic Project #1. Cloud

Video: 23.4 MB | 720p


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