BEAT WIN (비트 윈) _ She's My Girl (갖고싶니) [Eng Sub + Han + Rom]

K-pop boy group BEAT WIN released the single album "Exclusive" on the first month of the year 2014! The title track for this single album is "She's My Girl" which is a dance track mixed with Beat Win's vocals and rap. The music video for "She's My Girl" was released on the 5th day of January 2014 and currently has more than 500k views! For now, enjoy the lyric video I made for Beat Win's 'She's My Girl'!

Song: She's My Girl (갖고싶니)
Artist: BEAT WIN (비트 윈)
Album: Exclusive [Single]

Lyrics: Nam Gi Sang, Kang Jeon Myeong,
Composition: Nam Gi Sang, Kwon Seon Ik, DAX
Producer: Kwon Seon Ik, DAX


English Translations: Pop!Gasa
Hangul: Melon
Romanization: Me
Font names: AR Delaney (title) / Rage (logo) / 210 Sumusaleuibom (hangul & romanization) /  Script MTl (eng sub) / 210 Ohneulbam (End message)
Images: Elen Entertainment (BEAT WIN's profile picture)
Editors used: Photoshop CS6 for photo | Cyberlink Power Editor 12 for video

You are about to download : "BEAT WIN (비트 윈) _ She's My Girl (갖고싶니) [Eng Sub + Han + Rom]" 1080p , 40.4 MB, 10k bit rate, 192 kbps!


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