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Hello everyone,

I'm Julius from the Philippines. I make subbed K-pop music videos, songs, and osts. I created my first channel at Youtube on April 2012. I first knew K-pop  on 2009 because of  Wonder Girls's "Nobody" which at that time popular in the Philippines, followed by 2NE1's "Fire" and SNSD's "Genie". I'm lucky because I was able to know K-pop during it's "Golden Era". I became a fan of SNSD. We listened to almost all SNSD songs at that time, were like "all-eyes-on-GG". Until 2012 came, I re-encountered T-ara. Why re-encountered? Back in 2009, I also heard about the group T-ara, their song "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and "I Go Crazy Because Of You", however, I didn't pay much attention to them cause I'm busy listening to SNSD. I was able to know T-ara more when I watched "Dream High 2". I liked the character of "Rian" in that drama and I was able to know that she is Jiyeon of T-ara, thanks to my sister ^^ And I also knew that Eunjung who acted in Dream High 1 was member of T-ara too. That's when I start searching for the group online. "Lovey Dovey" became our jam, "Cry Cry" and "Roly Poly" later on. That's when I became a fan of T-ara ^^ So now, I'm both Sone and Queen's!!! [but more of a Queen's 💓💓💓]

My profile:

Birthday: 07.16.99
Age: 17
Country: Philippines (Nationality: Filipino)
Grade level: Grade 11
Bias groups: T-ara / SNSD
Following: SM Girl Groups / MBK Artists / Many other girl groups / Some boy groups

You can also follow me on the following SNS accounts:

Facebook: KVideosSubbed
Twitter: @KVideosSubbed
Dailymotion: kvideossubbed
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/115316770505560575606

Personal [fanboy] accounts:

Twitter: @EotteokhaeQri
Twitter: @juliusshizz
Insragram: @juliusshizz
Google Plus: Lee Qritiful (plus.google.com/u/0/+KVideosSubbedKVS)

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