My Drama List!

List of Korean Dramas I  already watched:

○ I Hear Your Voice
○ Boys Over Flowers
○ Good Doctor
○ The Master's Sun
○ My Love From Other Stars
○ Dream High 2
○ Bridal Mask
○ School 2015
○ School 2013
○ God Of Study
○ Jungle Fish 2
○ It's Okay It's Love
○ Oh My Venus
○ Madame Antoine
○ The Heirs
○ My Husband Got A Family
○ Pinocchio
○ Producer
○ Innocent Man
○ The Suspicious Housekeeper
○ My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho
○ To The Beautiful You
○ Heartstrings
○ High Kick (not all episodes)
○ Kill Me Heal Me
○ Secret Love
○ All My Love (not all episodes)
○ Vampire Idol (not all episodes)
○ Big (not all episodes)
○ Secret Garden (not all episodes)
○ Dream High (not all episodes)
○ Walking To The Ground (not all episodes)
○ Wang's Family (not all episodes)
○ Reply 1997 (not all episodes)
○ Full House (not all episodes)
○ My Fair Lady (not all episodes)
○ Page Turner
○ Lucky Romance
○ My Runway (Jiyeon Web Drama)
○ The Legend of the Blue Sea
○ Another Miss Oh
○ Live Up To Your Name
○ All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law

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  1. please admin can you give me a copy of goblin


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